"Уничтожить с крайним пристрастием"(c)
nico сегодня исполнилось бы 70 лет.

Born Christa Päffgen, March 15, 1943 in Budapest, Hungary. At fifteen, she found herself on the set of "La Dolce Vita," a film that was been directed by the great Federico Fellini. Nico modeled as a teen for a few years until she recorded "I'm Not Saying" (produced by Jimmy Page) in London for Rolling Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham's Immediate label. She soon traveled to New York where she studied acting and singing at the Lee Strasberg Method Studios. While spending more and more time at Andy Warhol's Factory and it was soon suggested that she sing a couple of songs with the Velvets. After being less than dependable as far as showing up for gigs, she was asked to leave the V.U. and went on to a creative, but doomed, solo career. Put the Stooges on a macrobiotic diet while she lived with Iggy in the Funhouse in Michigan. A once beautiful chanteusse, she ended up a sad figure and the subject of many legendary and pathetic tales. She died of a brain aneurysm while riding her bicycle in 1988. Her ghostly singing and tragic beauty foreshadowed what she always knew.

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